When you’re in need of radiological imaging for your research, look no further than the Small Animal Imaging Facility at Children’s Hospital. We’re a specialized and designated Core facility providing multi-modality radiological imaging for mice and rats. We provide a clean and state-of-the-art environment to conduct the imaging required for your longitudinal studies.

Our core offers the following state-of-the-art services

We conduct research in all areas of preclinical anatomical imaging, functional imaging and molecular imaging. In addition, the core provides cardiac imaging – US; tumor development and response for a treatment – optical imaging; tumor detection and monitoring of a treatment response; detection of reactive oxygen species in neurological disorders – PET/CT; high-resolution images – CT; anatomical, diffusion, imaging, and contrast agent imaging; angiography; and functional brain imaging – MRI.

Let our knowledgeable staff work with you to develop a plan designed to meet your small animal imaging needs. All investigators at CHOP, Penn and the Wistar Institute whose animals are housed at CHOP are welcome to get started working with us.

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For general inquiries, scheduling, and for additional information on services please e-mail or contact the staff representative listed below.

The Small Animal Imaging Facility Core

Hao Huang, PhD
SAIF Faculty Director
116D Seashore House
Phone: 267-425-1599
huangh6 [at] email.chop.edu

Sergey Magnitsky, PhD
SAIF Technical Director
Suite 413 Abramson Research Bldg
magnitsksm [at] email.chop.edu

Main phone number: 215-590-2222