September 26, 2019 - 10:00 AM
September 26, 2019 - 2:00 PM
ARC Lobby, BRB Lobby, Outdoor Tent


Get to know all of the Research Core Facilities representing CHOP, PENN and WISTAR. Don't miss this joint campus cores day event where you can enjoy food, games, prizes and more!

If you are a member of one of the cores below and interested in presenting on Cores Day, please register for a 10-minute time slot.

CHOP Cores PSOM Cores Wistar Cores
Bioanalytical Core Lab
Biostatistics and Data Management
Center for Applied Genomics
Center for Injury Research and Prevention Driving Simulator
Clinical Research Staffing
Flow Cytometry Core
Healthcare Analytics Unit
Metabolomics Core
Microbiome Core
Nucleic Acid PCR
Pathology Core
Protein and Proteomics Research Shipping Core
Small Animal Imaging Facility
The Raymond G. Perelman Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics
Clinical Vector Core
The Raymond G. Perelman Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics
Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Core
The Raymond G. Perelman Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics
Research Vector Core
Transgenic Core Facility
Translational Core Lab
Zebrafish Core
Bioinformatics Core
Biostatistics Analysis Center
CDB Microscopy Core
Cell Center Services Facility
Cell Center Stockroom
Center for Human Phenomic Science
Chemical and Nanoparticle Synthesis Core
Clinical Research Computing Unit
Cluster for Biomedical Image Computing
Cooperative Human Tissue Network
CRISPR Cas9 Mouse Targeting Core
CyTOF Service Center
DNA Sequencing Facility
Electron Microscopy Resource Laboratory
Extracellular Vesicle Core Facility
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility
High-Throughput Screening Core
Host-Microbial Analytic and Repository Core
Human Immunology Core
iLab (Penn Support)
iLab (Vendor)
Information Services Advisory Center
Investigational Drug Service
ITMAT: eagle-i
Johnson Foundation Biophysical and Structural Biology Core Facilities
LDI Health Economics Data Analyst Pool
LDI Health Services Research Data Center
Mixed Methods Research Laboratory
Molecular Pathology and Imaging Core
Molecular Profiling Facility
Mouse Phenotyping, Physiology, and Metabolism Core
Muscle Physiology Assesement Center
Neurobehavior Testing Core
Neurons R Us
Next Generation Sequencing Core
Penn Genomics Analysis Core (DNA Sequencing/Molecular Profiling)
Office of Clinical Research
Ovarian Cancer Research Center
Pancreatic Islet Cell Biology Core
Penn Diabetes Center RIA Biomarker Core
Penn Gnotobiotic Mouse Facility
Penn Health Tech
Penn iPSC Core
Penn Metabolomics Core Facility
Penn Libraries' Biomedical Library
PennVet Comparative Pathology Core
PennVet Imaging Core
Quantitative Proteomics Resource Core
Radiology Service Centers
Research Instrumentation Shop
Singh Center for Nanotechnology
Small Animal Imaging Facility
Stem Cell and Xenograft Core
Transgenic and Chimeric Mouse Facility
Tumor Tissue and Biospecimen Bank
Vector Core
Animal Facility
Bioinformatics Facility
Biomedical Research Support Facility
Flow Cytometry Facility
Genomics Facility
Histotechnology Facility
Imaging Facility
Molecular Screening and Protein Expression Facility
Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility